BELLA - Organic White Linen Bralette, Soft Triangle Bra For Women

BELLA - Organic White Linen Bralette, Soft Triangle Bra For Women

KATY - Organic Linen Bralette For Women, Lace Bra

KATY - Organic Linen Bralette For Women, Lace Bra

DIONNE - Organic Rose Linen Bralette For Women, Yoga Bra, Active Wear, Sports Bra

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If you have decided to add some spirituality in your life or just improve your physique with the path of yoga, we have a bralette made just for you! As you evolve and can go deeper into asanas, you also start to crave for more natural ingredients in your diet and your surroundings, so your clothing can now match this inner feeling. With this beautiful all linen bralette you are adding a layer of natural material, the closest to your skin. And it is not only the ecological part (as linen is a waste free material), it also benefits your health due to its natural antistatic and antimicrobial properties. What is more, linen bralette keeps its form perfectly, as it was made from a double layer of fabric.
This lovely bralette is decorated with two horizontal strips. Same width shoulder strips were added to create a matching look. The length of the shoulder straps is adjustable so you can match them to your unique size. To make it even more suitable for yoga classes, this bra has no hook & eye closure, as we changed it with elastic band. With this bralette you no longer need to worry if your bra might unhook during your practice of feel bumps on your back while laying on your yoga mat. Also, the construction includes subtle rubber strips that prevents you from any unwanted restrictions. No seams were left inside the bra in order to prevent pressure and make this bralette even gentler on your skin.
Even though this bralette was inspired by beautiful yoginis, it doesn't mean it was made for yoga only! It was created for any free-spirited lady no matter where her passion lies.

Model wears size 70AA/32AA in Dusty Rose colour.

There are so many of different size charts for the bralettes! Due to our used materials, we also have a unique size chart that will guide you while choosing the perfect size for you.

STEP 1: Measure your band size
Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your ribcage just below your breasts. Use a mirror to ensure the tape is parallel with the floor. Write down the nearest even number.

STEP 2: Measure around your bust
Wrap your measuring tape around your bust at their fullest point (without any bra). For most of us, this is in line with your nipples. Ensure that the tape is parallel with the floor before writing down the nearest whole number once again.

STEP 3: Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement to get cup size
Let’s say your first number is 70 and the second is 81. Subtract 70 from 81 to get 11, which corresponds to a AA cup size. How’d we get to a AA You can refer to the handy chart below.
Difference in cm equal to cup size: 6-7cm – AAA, 8-9cm – AAA, 10-11cm – AA, 12-13cm – A.

STEP 4: Combine your band measurement with your cup size
Et voilà! This is your bra size. So if we take the example above, you’d end up with a size 70AA.

If you still are not 100% sure about what size from Lacy Linen suits you best, please feel free to consult us. Send us PM with your exact measures and we will be more than happy to choose a perfect size of Lacy Linen items.

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