Welcome to my beloved shop LacyLinen!

Lacy Linen collection was made for a Woman. For the model looking one, for the one wearing a plus size outfits, for the one who just started to feel a woman instead of a „child“ and the one who sometimes forgets she is more than just a „mother“/„granny“/„caregiver“ or maybe for the one who started her journey not exactly as a woman… Being a woman means so many different things and every woman feels various during her lifetime. The only thing we found out to be universal for most of us is the need for aesthetics in our everyday items and love for comfort and highest quality.

That is how our mother and daughter family business started: we have combined the comfort of eco-friendly Baltic linen, made from certified highest quality flax, with most trendy ideas in underwear and sleepwear fashion. We have created a product we believe to be pretty unique: innovative linen bralettes, handmade flax nightgowns, beautiful linen lace underwear and other items, made to be functional as well as beautiful.

Our journey started long before Lacy Linen collection. It began as a different studies, related to sewing, construction, technologies and a long career in clothing technology field. It took us very long time to understand that it is much more satisfying to provide someone with unique, customized and handmade item, than to be in charge of a factory and make thousands of fast fashion items for nameless users. That is why our goal is to provide perfectly fitting item! Every body is unique, and the clothes that are closest to your skin is the most divers ones. So please do not hesitate and contact us, we will use all our experience so you can have item that is perfect for you!

We are sometimes asked why we use linen as our material of choice, and we have so many good reasons for that:

  • If feels good to wear linen! It provides great micro-climate for the skin as it absorbs sweat and allows air circulation.
  • Linen looks good and fashionable: we use only the softest, thinnest, finest quality linen fabric and decorate our items with laces made from flax.
  • Linen is a great option for people with sensitive skin, eczema or other skin problems as it is hypoallergenic, contains natural antiseptics and resist to static electric load.
  • Linen is easy to take care for: after each wash the fabric becomes softer and less wrinkly.
  • Just like cotton, Linen is completely natural fiber derived from the flax plant. Even though manufacturing Linen is a laborious and timely process, it surpasses cotton in strength, durability and softness.
  • Linen clothes are investment as they are made to last long: this fabric is 3 times stronger and 5 times more resistance for abrasion and shinier than cotton.
  • Linen fabric is an eco-friendly choice as it leaves no waste and does not make any harm to nature and ecology.

We are grateful for every customer who is aware of the impact we make with every decision in our everyday life. By choosing long lasting fashion items you are investing in quality opposed to quantity and support our family business instead of big corporations. What is more, by choosing eco-friendly products from linen, you not only choose organic option for yourself, but also contribute to the preservation of nature and ecology of Mother Earth.

Discover all the best linen characteristics in our shop!