Frequently asked questions

Linen washing

Linen items can be both hand washed and machine washed - either of these methods are fine in up to 40ºc/104ºf in gentle or extra gentle mode. Dry cleaning could be applied in extra gentle mode. If your item is of the dark or bright/intensive colour be sure to wash it separately for the first time as it might colour a little.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that lingerie items should be placed in a special washing bag.

Bleaching washing agents are suitable for white linen but we do not recommended to use chlorite. If the water is lime-water, then we suggest to add softener. If you wash products in washing machine, do not overload it and let the linen item to move easily. In other case it can become striped. Rinse carefully.

Linen drying

The drying could be done in the machine (low heat) and in natural way. Linen will be crumpled after washing, so the washed and easily wringed out fabric should be properly hanged. As linen is drying very well, it is very important not to let it dry too much because it will be hard to iron it.

We recommend items with laces after washing gently stretch it with hands and leave item handing.

Linen ironing

Natural fibers like linen will wrinkle, crumple and crease, you just have to accept it. On the other hand, the best way to iron linen products when they still a little bit damp. First of all, it will be easier to iron and no additional dampness will be needed. It is recommended to iron the wrong side of fabric – you will protect linen from smoothness, shining and color fading.
Use the medium-hot iron (2 dots) with steam to iron the creases. Leave linen items a little bit damp after ironing and hang them in cool, dry and well ventilated room. Let the items to dry completely.

Will the colours mach?

Undyed linen fabric is a natural product. The shade of colour depends on how that year flax plant grow - how much sun and rain did it get. If you need a matching set of this colour, we recommend ordering everything in one purchase.
Other fabric colors may be slightly vary depending on your device screen settings.

How to measure yourself?

To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as follows:

Measure around your torso (with soft, not paded bra), so that the tape is over the fullest part of your breasts.
Run a tape measure all the way around your body just underneath your breasts.
Your hip measurements should be taken at where your hips are the widest. Do not forget to put your feet together to take the measurement.


- Remove your outer garments - pants and shirt.
- Don’t pull the tape too tightly — it should be tight enough that it doesn't evenly move, but not so tight that's pressing into your body.
- Don't use metal measuring tapes.
- Make sure tape isn’t twisted

Find our video instruction here:

How to measure your bra size?

Step one - Measure your underbust size.
Run a tape measure around your body just underneath your breasts. Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and fairly snug. Your arms should be down. Now look for this number in our size chart.

Step two - Measure your bust size with a soft, non-padded bra.
Measure around your torso, so that the tape is over the fullest part of your breasts. Don't pull the tape too tightly — it should be tight enough that it doesn't evenly move, but not so tight that's pressing into your breast tissue. Now look for this number near your underbust size, in the same row.

E.g. if your underbust is 77cm (30.5in) and bust is 90cm (35.4in) so your bra size would be 75B/34B.

Video here:

Sizing details

Each listing contains a garment description with some detailed measurements of the garment. You can find size chart in each product last picture please check it. We highly recommend comparing those measurements to your body measurements before placing an order.

If you still are not 100% sure about what size from Lacy Linen suits you best, please feel free to consult us. Send us message with your exact measures and we will be more than happy to choose a perfect size of Lacy Linen items.

Why is linen fabric gentle and not itchy on your skin?

You might associate linen with rough and itchy material once used for heavy duty clothes and home textile and you are not alone! Long time ago rough linen fabric was one of the first materials used in households and for clothing yet those days are long gone as now linen is suitable even for gentle underwear on the most sensitive areas of one’s body.

It all depends on the growing conditions and harvesting techniques. The finest quality linen, after it is finished, has fibers that are of a very consistent diameter and all threads have no slabs. We use Baltic linen that is made from long equal fibers that gives finished fabric a smooth texture and appearance that is improved by non-toxic products that adds more softness and satin like texture

Why linen is great even for super sensitive skin?

First due to its modern handling technologies it is gentle on the skin and gets even softer with every wash which is great when it comes to frequently washed items like panties.

What is more, due to its natural moisture absorbent properties it helps to balance microclimate on your skin and some of our customers claim that it has even helped them with various skin conditions such as eczema!

Every skin is unique and beautiful even if it is super sensitive. Give linen fabric a try and prepare to be amazed how your sensitive and beautiful skin is protected and sheltered by soft linen fabric.

Why linen?

- You would never believe how good it feels to wear linen!
- Linen allows air to flow through the fabric easily and lets the body breathe.
- During winter linen provides a pleasant warming effect.
- You will feel an immense difference on hot summer days: you will never feel sweaty and restricted as with synthetic bra!
- Every bra was created so that Your body only touches linen fabric, certified by OEKO-TEX 100 standard.
- It is perfect for people with problematic or sensitive skin as linen is hypoallergenic and contains natural antiseptics.
- Linen is easy to take care for.
- Lingerie items should always be placed in special wahing bag.
- Smart construction provides support and soft but firm linen material covers your nipples perfectly.