Linen care

Linen washing

Linen should be washed by hands. If needed machine up to 30ºc/86ºf in gentle mode or dry cleaning could be applied. If your item is of the dark or bright/intensive colour be sure to wash it separately for the first time as it might colour a little. The most important thing that lingerie items should be placed in special wahing bag.
Bleaching washing agents are suitable for white linen, but colored linen should be washed with soft washing agents or soft soap. Also, bleaching agent which have chlorite are not recommended. If the water is lime-water, then we suggest to add softener. If you wash products in washing machine, do not overload it and let the linen item to move easily. In other case it can become striped. Rinse carefully.

Linen drying

The drying could be done in the machine and in natural way. Linen will be crumpled after washing, so the washed and easily wringed out fabric should be properly hanged. As linen is drying very well, it is very important not to let it dry too much because it will be hard to iron it.
I recommend items with laces after washing gently stretch it with hands and leave item handing.

Linen ironing

The best way to iron linen products when they still a little bit damp: first of all it will be easier to iron and no additional dampness will be needed. It is recommended to iron the wrong side of fabric – you will protect linen from smoothness, shining and color fading. Use the hot iron (3 dots) with steam to iron the creases. Leave linen items a little bit damp after ironing and hang them in cool, dry and well ventilated room. Let the items to dry completely.