Linen Sports Bra ALICE

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This active wear bra was created entirely from linen fabric so that your body could be breathing and comfortable in the loving embrace of sweat-wicking and thermoregulating linen fabric.
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Linen Sports Bra ALICE

Moving keeps our brain healthy, our body happy and our mood elevated. Whether you are enjoying some stroll in the forest to calm your mind, a bit of yoga as a part of your selfcare routine, or maybe some jogging to lose a pound or two you will be delighted to hear that you can now do that while wearing all natural materials!

These active wear bras were created entirely from linen fabric so that your body could be breathing and comfortable in the loving embrace of breathable and thermoregulating linen fabric.

The length of the shoulder straps is adjustable so you can match them to your unique size. With this bra you no longer need to worry if your bra might unhook during your daily routine of feel bumps on your back while laying on your yoga mat. To make it more suitable for every body, this bra has front closure - zip. Just grab your bra and easily put it on!

Model wears size 75AAA/30AAA in black stripes

This product has a polyester brand label on the outside. It can be removed at your request.


If you’re looking for a perfect size linen lingerie, you need to know your accurate measurements to find correct size in our unique size chart.

STEP ONE - Measure your underbust size.
Run a tape measure around your body just underneath your breasts. Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and fairly snug. Your arms should be down. Now look for this number in our size chart.

STEP TWO - Measure your bust size with a soft, non-padded bra.
Measure around your torso, so that the tape is over the fullest part of your breasts. Don't pull the tape too tightly — it should be tight enough that it doesn't evenly move, but not so tight that's pressing into your breast tissue. Now look for this number near your underbust size, in the same row.

Example: if your underbust is 77cm (30.5in) and bust is 90cm (35.4in) Vualia, your bra size is 75B/30B.

Our video instruction you can find here:

If you still are not 100% sure about what size from Lacy Linen suits you best, please feel free to consult us. We’re here for you! Send us DM with your exact measures and we will be more than happy to choose a perfect size of Lacy Linen items.

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